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Karate is a Martial Art that originates from Asia; it has become one of the most commonly practiced Martial Art around the world. Its original purpose was to teach self-defence, however, those who practice this holistic art now discover many more valuable qualities, from learning the technical skill to building confidence. Your journey from white to black belt will be challenging, exciting and rewarding. Can you rise to the challenge?

Why train?

  • Realistic self-defence
  • Keep fit and healthy
  • Push yourself beyond your limits
  • A chance to help others
  • Gain more confidence

‘The people who join our club are good people and they become great people’

- Kris Wilder podcast August 2013 Martial Secrets


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Elements of our training

Self-defence & personal security

Our aim is to practice Karate as the creators intended it to be used - as a civilian self-defence system in a civilian environment. With today’s society and UK law in mind, our approach is direct, pragmatic and realistic. Students will learn: threat awareness; threat assessment and threat avoidance; verbal de-escalation; pre-emptive striking and fighting to facilitate an escape.

Fighting skills, tactics & fitness

We use the combative principles and concepts found in Shotokan Kata for our fighting drills. The skills learnt will incorporate effective and simple techniques to put an assailant out of action, enabling you to escape if you were attacked. Fighting skills will also be used to develop other benefits such as: fighting spirit, fitness, scenario training and adrenal testing.

Martial Arts & self-development

This aspect covers the cultural & historical background, personal development, life enhancing, health and well-being side of Karate.

Our Karate is a blend of 'Jutsu' & 'Do'. 'Jutsu' is the physical, practical and tactical element of our approach. We use this element to protect ourselves, fight, and strengthen our mental ability, fitness and physical health. 'Do' is the life-enhancing element. With 'Do' we improve character and discipline, understand Martial history and culture, and enjoy a study for a lifetime.

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