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Instructor Profile - Graham Palmer.

Sensei Graham PalmerGraham began training in Judo in 1981 at the age of 10. While studying Judo he also began Ju-Jitsu in 1985 and a year later (1986) his study of Shotokan karate began. Graham enjoyed all of these Martial Arts, but realised he needed to concentrate on one in depth to improve and further his study. So from 1992 Graham has put all his attention into studying and developing his knowledge of Shotokan karate.

Graham was fortunate to visit Naha, Okinawa in 1994 and trained with the late Soshin Nagamine of Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu and Sensei Miyazato of The Jundokan Goju-Ryu. Graham continues to travel across Britain to train with World class Instructors to further his study of Karate-Do.

Graham has trained regularly with Sensei Hazard since 1999, obtaining his Yondan in 2004 and Godan in July 2010. It was Sensei Hazards dynamic and “realistic” approach to Shotokan which first attracted Graham to his way of teaching. Graham agrees with many others in the Academy of Shotokan Karate that Sensei Hazard is taking Shotokan to a new level and giving those who wish to follow a chance to be part of this development.

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